Yeah. phusion was my first IRC nickname/handle. I know, right?
Sure, why not. I don't want to change your mind, I just know what works for me. Did you know in recent years many academic and peer reviewed research papers have documented various ethnopharmacological jounals? Many chemical compounds of the most common pure essential oil extracts have been identified and scientific studies have begun to link various affects on the human body. Google it, yo.
As of 2015, LEGO still produces bricks or elements made from ABS plastic. Soon ABS will be a thing of the past as LEGO pushes to go green. These boxed sets of ABS plastic will likely become even more collectible as technology rapidly progresses through the 21st century. #doitforyourkids
Well. I'm sorry. I'm limited by the tools eCrater gives me, and honestly thankful for this free eCommerce platform. Please contact me directly via twitter @philzor #buyphilsstuff